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Welcome To Sol (Spanish Online Learning) Tutors! A free Spanish Program educating and involving roughly 300 students and tutors! 

Established in January of 2021, Sol Tutors has offered online instructional zoom classes to provide students with a basic understanding and foundation of the Spanish Language.

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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

Frank Smith


Students Involved


Minutes Of Spanish Taught


From PS6 Parents

"My second grader really enjoyed her zoom Spanish class on Fridays.  She learned a lot in a short amount of time and is interested in continuing with the second session.  She often goes around saying aloud her Spanish phrases that she has learned!"

"At the beginning, I had a difficulty to convince my daughter to learn Spanish. She thought learning Spanish it’s too hard and it’s boring. But with [her teacher's] patient and fun interactive teaching, couple weeks later, I was so glad to notice my daughter started participating more during the session. And she memorized more when she did her reviews. We are very grateful for your awesome work. Thank you!"

"SOL Tutors does an exceptional job teaching Spanish to the PS6 children. My second grader has enjoyed his weekly sessions with the SOL tutors and has learned a good amount of conversational Spanish words. The tutors are patient and really good at managing the students. I am so impressed with this group of tutors whose selfless efforts are helping so many PS6 students. Thanks SOL for everything you are doing."

"What a great program for my 2nd grader!  The classes were well structured and the content would adapt week to week as the teachers understood the students' pace.  The take home sheets were great for review and the logistics of the zoom meetings were always smooth and organized.  So glad the program was extended!"

[The teacher] had a great teaching style in which he used to teach a simple easy way to help my daughter to understand basic Spanish. He is a friendly and understanding tutor. And last but not least, he had a very unique way of teaching in the sense that my daughter felt engaged and included. So overall I know she had a fun and enriching time learning from him.Thank you so much for doing this!!!!

"Thank you for allowing my son to participate in your wonderful program.  It was well organized and structured, and I loved the weekly reminders that you sent via email.  Adam looked forward to it and enjoyed learning the basics of Spanish from his teacher.  It was fun and interactive. All around a delightful program!"


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